why my approach is unique, and different

I am convinced that because of my multi-discipline background and my varied interests, I possess the unique ability to approach and teach the subject of the Online Information Business from a completely different and unique perspective.

I do not believe there is anyone anywhere in the World that can match the experience, knowledge, and qualities, that I can bring to the table from my time in a variety of Industrial sectors.

People like us encounter road blocks on our way to meeting our online goals and, helping you round them, based on the solutions I have found along the path you’re treading, is what my online business is all about.

Here’s the thing: I used to get an enormous adrenaline rush and spine-tingling excitement from the sound of screaming race engines – I still would, but these days, thanks to changes in law and technology, the character, heart, and soul has been ripped out of race engines,

Fortunately I get the same, if not more buzz from helping people just like you, to achieve their online Info Business goals so that’s good – yes?

Do you know of anyone else who can bring such an array of different knowledge and elements to the table…? and apply their unique combination in the Digital business niche? I suspect not.