Ian Jackson here.

This site is the Monthly Membership portal of my Online Business.

It is an important component of my small but expanding group of websites, the functions of which are to help people in their pursuit of building a business online. There are thousands of people already doing this, and many more who want a piece of the pie.

I believe (I Know) there is more than plenty of room for anyone in this business – anyone who has the will and desire to work hard for success.

How do I know there is room for everyone?

Because everyone is unique, so everyone has something they can offer (you too). With the right training and direction, people can get to the position they need to be in so that others will invest in their knowledge.

This business usually, but by no means always, implies bespoke individuals working in the comfort of their homes, towards forging an additional or alternative means of income for themselves and/or their families.

You can read more articles I have written here, and it would be great to have you on board as a member of my Business Community.

To your success,

Ian Jackson